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We understand that it’s difficult for most of us to find time for traditional back physical therapy. PhysioMantra brings to you online back pain treatment, where all back exercises and treatments are managed through regular online check-ins & video sessions.

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Mantra Care members get matched with a professional physiotherapist for one-on-one back pain treatment. They use interactive exercise videos available on our app to treat you.

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Mantra Care physiotherapists are 100% virtual and provide physical therapy to patients without any time and geographical barriers. Our technology-enabled approach helps manage physical ailments from head to toe.

Personalized Back Therapy

MantraCare provides everyday exercises, home remedies, and regular check-ins for all your back pain physiotherapy needs. We individualize treatment for each person, with problems including back pain, muscle injuries, sprain, bursitis, stiffness, and more.

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MantraCare physical therapists treat muscle and joint pain problems through a combination of body exercises, video demonstrations, and a healthy diet. Our treatment experience is a better traditional in-person approach in multiple ways.


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A Complete Guide on Back Pain Physiotherapy

Understanding back pain

Back pain is one of the prevalent reasons which makes people miss work and visit the doctor for frequent appointments. Although the pain is maybe unbearable and uncomfortable, it is not that serious. When the pain occurs in the lower back, it may affect the spinal cord, nerves, ligaments around the discs and spine, discs between the vertebrae, and the bony lumbar spine, pelvic internal organs, abdomen, and lower back muscles. When the pain occurs in the upper back, it may be linked to the tumor in the chest, aorta, or spine inflammation.

Symptoms of Back Pain

  • Chronic and undesirable aching or stiffness near and along your spine, starting from the base of your neck and continuing to the tailbone.
  • Sharp pain in the back, upper back, and lower back may be visible at times.
  • Persistent pain in the middle and lower back, especially after staying in the same posture, standing or sitting, for prolonged durations of time.
  • Inability to stand straight without having pains or muscle spasms towards the lower back

Types of back pain

There are two most common types of back pains that may occur in people.

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is one of the most common forms of back pain that most people who work in prolonged shifts face. The lower back is relatively defined as the area below the ribcage which is also named the lumbar region. This part holds an important place in the body as it is responsible for supporting most of the body weight. Variations in the type of pain that occurs may go from a shooting pain to a dull constant ache. 

There are many causes for the occurrence of pain in the lower back, out of which ligament strains and muscle sprains are the most common ones. Other causes of lower back pain include:

  • Sciatica
  • Intervertebral disc generation
  • Herniated or ruptured discs
  • Traumatic injury
  • Spinal Stenosis

Some other factors that may contribute to lower back pain are age, carrying heavy backpacks, low fitness level, weight gain, genetics, and pregnancy. 

Upper Back Pain

When we talk about the upper back, it comprises 12 vertebrae, which are also called the thoracic spine. 

Typically, people experience back pain between the neck and lower rib cage in the middle of the back. This may also occur due to many causes, like a fracture, an injury in the spinal cord, poor sleeping and sitting posture, osteoarthritis, and pressure on the spinal nerves. 

We come across many people who work for long hours on computers and face the problem of back pain as a chronic condition. Other common reasons for upper back pain are lack of strength in the muscles and overuse injuries.

Back Pain Treatment Options

In most cases of back pain, it is clearly evident that the pain will go on its own but we need to have some home treatment with extensive care. This pain may also go with the help of certain medications and painkillers which are easily available in online stores. The most recommended treatment methods available for back pain are listed below;

Physical therapy 

When we apply heat in the form of electrical stimulation and ultrasound so that the body can work upon the soft tissues to reduce the physical pain, it is called physical therapy. It also includes several exercises that produce heat in the body for muscle strengthening. 

Heat and ice

We can apply ice or heat on the injury, to get relief from the unbearable pain. This type of treatment is highly reliable and is responsible for treating many different types of lower back pain. All you need to know is the unique treatment that is applicable for each case. 


We can also give deep massages in the muscle tension which is caused due to strains and sprains. It can also release the tension in your muscles and other soft tissues. 


If the back pains are not getting treated with the help of home remedies and physical therapy then you can think of visiting a doctor and getting medicine. He may suggest certain anti-inflammatory nonsteroidal drugs like hydrocodone and codeine.

Physiotherapy For Back Pain

Many patients who suffer from chronic back pain are advised to have physical therapy with us for four weeks or more. The duration of Physiotherapy depends upon the complexity of the case. If you take the facility of Physiotherapy for back pain, you can enjoy many benefits like facilitating the functioning of your back and decreasing the pain to a great extent.

Forms of Physiotherapy For Back Pain

The most common form of physical therapy include:

  • Passive Physical Therapy: This type of physical therapy includes heat application, usage of ice packs, and electrical stimulation. For example, a heating pad can be used to warm up the muscles and make them more flexible for the exercises.
  • Active Physical Therapy: Active physical therapy is more about exercising and stretching muscles so that they open up, relieving the pain as a consequence. When we avail of Physiotherapy services for back pain, people usually go for this type of therapy.

Benefits Of Back Physiotherapy

Here are a few benefits that a person can enjoy if he takes physical therapy for back pain.

  • Personalized care
  • Restored mobility
  • Elimination of the need of the surgery
  • Reduction of the complications of the surgery
  • Reduction in the risk of falls

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“I am a working professional and it’s tough to attend physio sessions regularly. After suffering from a backache for around three years, my friend suggested that I try Mantra Care for their physiotherapy services. I was able to get completely back pain relief, after taking a completely online course. Thanks to my PT at MantraCare for this, who conducted sessions whenever I needed them.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

If we look at the overall results, Physiotherapy is one of the best exercise programs that is found to be effective in reducing the risk of chronic pain in patients who suffer from pain in various parts of the body like, the back, neck, knees, and shoulders.

It can also help you release your back and get you back to normal again. Physiotherapists use many treatments and techniques to help with back pain.

Most commonly, mechanical issues and soft-tissue injuries are the cause of low back pain. These injuries can include damage to the intervertebral discs, compression of nerve roots, and improper movement of the spinal joints. The single most common cause of lower back pain is a torn or pulled muscle and/or ligament.

Your doctor can perform a neurological exam to check muscle strength, reflexes, walking ability, and the ability to feel touch. Imaging tests may be ordered to diagnose the cause of your pain. A CT scan shows cross-sectional images of the spinal column and can pinpoint a herniated disc.

If we look upon certain testimonials and the experienced and knowledgeable physiotherapists, you will come to know that certain exercises are optimized in such a manner that they improve the core strength of the nerves in the back and are proven to be effective in elevating chronic pain.

Yes, it has been proven that people with ongoing direct current pain in the back should practice walking as the low-impact form of exercise. They can also practice aerobic exercise to reduce the incidence of low back pain

Cycling or biking is a popular form of aerobic exercise and is usually used by people who experience chronic and recurrent conditions of back pain. 

Biking may be a good exercise option for many reasons: Biking is less jarring to the spine than many other forms of aerobic exercise, such as jogging or aerobics class.

Patients suffering from most types of low back pain are often referred for physical therapy for four weeks as an initial conservative (nonsurgical) treatment option before considering other more aggressive treatments, including back surgery.

Many factors determine the cost of therapy, like the criticality of the case, the duration of the whole session to be attended, as well as the type of physiotherapy that the patient needs.

Online physiotherapy though offers a very effective and low-cost alternative compared to traditional in-person physiotherapy. The charges for online physiotherapy are in fact 20-40% lower compared to the charges sought at hospitals and clinics.

With the availability of online physiotherapists, you no longer need to stress yourself about visiting a clinic or hospital and aggravate the injury. Just Google physiotherapy near me and make an appointment with a physiotherapist on Mantra Care. You will get the best-trained physiotherapists to help you in getting your normal life back as soon as possible.

People have a wrong perception about physiotherapists is that they only diagnose with hand-on-hand treatment. But Physiotherapists research about your condition and your lifestyle and they ask you some questions to discover your treatment.

During a video consult on MantraCare your PT will ask you a series of targeted questions to determine if your symptoms point to back pain. Then your provider will proceed to determine the best treatment plan for you. Your provider may recommend in-person examination by a specialist if needed. Your treatment plan is based on the duration and severity of your symptoms and your medical history.

Once a diagnosis has been made, your doctor will go over the risks and benefits of the various treatment plans. Treatment for back pain is different depending on the severity.

It isn’t about which is better; it’s about availability and access. Ideally, everyone should have unlimited access to personalized healthcare. But we do not live in an ideal world. Online physical therapy bridges those instances where in-person visits are less effective / feasible. Moreover, through online treatment, you get access to the best physical therapists in the world.

There is strong evidence confirming the advantages of physiotherapy and exercise both before and after back surgery. The power and stability that physiotherapy provides can significantly shorten a patient’s rehabilitation time after surgery.

Physiotherapy and exercise are taken into account as a significant part of most back pain patients’ medicines, including those undergoing non-surgical and healing care. This is often because sufferers with low back pain are presumably to overcome when the patient is in maximum fitness.

  • Sleep on your side with a pillow between your knees. 
  • Sleep on your side in the fetal position.
  • Sleep on your stomach with a pillow under your abdomen.
  • Sleep on your back with a pillow under your knees. 
  • Sleep on your back in a reclined position.

We do not leave our patients mid-way. On the completion of the treatment, we continue the post-treatment follow-up sessions. We also guide our patients on the remedies and exercises that they can practice at home so that the pain does not become a chronic condition.